Easy Separations co-founders, Kym Briese and Sharyn Wagner are both experienced family lawyers who have seen the damage which the traditional adversarial approach to family law can inflict on separating couples who started out just wanting a fair outcome.

A recognition that there must be an easier and kinder way to help couples separate led both Kym and Sharyn to develop other skills beyond the practice of law.  Kym is an accredited mediator and relationship coach and holds qualifications in child and family counselling.  Sharyn is also a mediator and accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

This wider experience allows them to see their clients not as a legal problem but as good people who have the capacity to sort things out amicably and move forward in a positive way. 

They will each provide independent legal advice to one of the clients throughout the process.  The process of working out the identity and value of the assets and liabilities is done in a transparent and collaborative way with both parties and lawyers present so that a fair split of the property pool can be negotiated without suspicion or animosity.

For Kym and Sharyn - both principals of their own law practices -  the concept for Easy Separations grew out of a desire to bring together the legal and human sides of separation to coach and support people through the separation process.  They call it “lawyering with heart”.

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