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As a parent, you have responsibilities and rights. You also have choices in arranging your child support in a way that works for both parents. In the event that a carer is in receipt of Centrelink benefits, you will be required to obtain an administrative assessment through the Agency.

The Child Support Agency is primarily responsible for the assessment, administration and collection of Child Support. There are a number of ways that child support can be determined including a formula assessment or an agreement between the parents (either binding or non-binding) as to what represents a fair contribution by each of them toward the cost of raising their children.

The amount assessed for each parents' contributions under the “formula” is only intended to take into account general household and day-to-day living expenses for children and does not take into account “special” expenses that might relate to your children including daycare costs; private education; orthodontic expenses etc. These costs need to be separately assessed and shared by parents in a way that is fair to all parties and the children. 

During the Easy Separation Process, we can assist you to discuss, negotiate and agree on current and future financial arrangements for the children.  If you are unable to reach agreement or choose to simply adopt the Child Support amount, you should also be aware of the special circumstances that might apply for a change of assessment.