Image by Kevin Gent


One of the most difficult aspects of a relationship breakdown is implementing arrangements for the children's well-being and their future.

At the end of the day you, as parents, are best placed to know your children, their routine and what arrangements are most likely to work for your family.  In addition to the Easy Separation Process there are also some very useful courses and programs available for separated parents to assist in the transition and redefining your relationship to that of effective co-parents.

While ending a relationship is never going to be painless, our goal is to help you sort out parenting arrangements in a respectful way which allows you both to move forward with dignity and optimism. 

Unlike traditional negotiations which largely occur through correspondence, the Easy Separation process involves face-to-face meetings. There are many advantages to this including time and cost savings but importantly, you are both present for all negotiations and drive the process and learn important communication techniques to help you moving forward.